audiovisual composition

for 24 speaker

(4 channel version available)


the initial concept of arose in association with the artistic term "overpainting" and its extreme: obliteration, in the sense of grounding with blankness. (...) the sound localization is as important as the sound itself. the video projection examines these relations of structured time and its perception of a further perspective.

interactive installation


zerlegung, fenster, daten, salz, spiele, nachklang, zeichnung, rückzug, folie, kupfer, zuflucht, sucht, zwischen räume

a/v installation



spatial fixed-media composition

40 channels


This work was realized (and recorded) at the CUBE (IEM Graz A) and uses its specific set-up consisting of 72 loudspeakers. One level of the composition uses the differentiated position of the phantom sound source as an essential aspect. In doing so, the depth of the space is specifically used compositionally as a sound quality. A second level consists of the integration of recorded room sounds. In the context of a spatial expansion these sounds are considered as a form of a fictitious dissolution of spatial boundaries.

feedback on glas

sound sculpture


Die Klangskulptur besteht aus vier arrangierten Glasplatten, ausgestattet mit Körperschallwandler und einem Kontaktmikrofon. Der Klang wird durch ein ständig wandelndes Feedback-System geformt.

realised and recorded @ interpenetration


sound installation

for 6 loudspeakers


recorded at the SchauSchallFest IV

@ ESC Medien Kunst Labor Graz

purple rather than green - prologue

fixed media composition / stereo downmix